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Federal T223L Tactical TRU 223 Remington 64gr Soft Point Ammo. Federal Law Enforcement 223 Remington ammo provides the top quality ammunition products you need to have full confidence in any situation. Each TRU cartridge is made using select mil-quality low flash powders and the case features thicker brass for added strength. Federal Premium HammerDown 30-30 Win 150gr, Bonded Soft Point, 20rd Box Federal 30-06 SPRG 150 Grain Bonded SPTZ 20 Round Box Remington Express .30-06 Springfield Ammunition 20 Rounds 150 Grain Core-Lokt PSP Soft Point Projectile 2910fps

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223 Silver Bear 62 gr soft point fired from 16" and 11.5" barrels into calibrated 10% gelatin. Andrew tests Brown Bear .223 Rem 55gr Soft Point. See how this low cost ammo performs for self defense. 5.56mm Federal 62gr XM556SBCT3 Tactical Bonded soft point, aka FBIT3, aka Trophy Bonded...
Weatherby H416400RN 416 Weatherby Magnum Soft Point Round Nose 400 GR 20Rds $135.65; Federal P370SA Premium Safari Cape-Shok 370 Sako Magnum 286 GR Swift A-Frame 20 Bx/ 10 Cs $90.09; Weatherby H378270SP 378 Weatherby Magnum Spire Point 270 GR 20Rds $105.81; Rem Ammo PR338UM2 Core-Lokt 338 Rem Ultra Mag Pointed Soft Point 250GR 20Bx/10Cs $48.13 Our GameChanger ammunition is the result of more than 70 years of designing world-class bullets. Each GameChanger round utilizes a Sierra Tipped GameKing bullet with an extremely accurate boat tail profile and a polymer tip seated in a hollow point design for fast expansion upon impact.

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45 G.A.P. Bonded - 230 gr. RA45GB Muzzle Velocity (fps)—935 45 Auto T-Series - 230 gr. RA45T Muzzle Velocity (fps)—935 45 Auto Bonded - 230 gr. RA45B Muzzle Velocity (fps)—935 45 +P Auto T-Series - 230 gr. RA45TP Muzzle Velocity (fps)—990 223 Rem Power-Point - 64 gr. RA223R2 Muzzle Velocity (fps)—3020 5.56 Ranger Bonded Solid Base ...
.244 100 GR SP BT Extra Heavy Jkt, bonded core: 48.60: 100 .277 Diameter : TJ277130HP.277 130 GR HOLLOW POINT: 58.50: 100: TJ277130HPX.277 130 GR HOLLOW POINT in 250 per bag lots: 52.10: 250.312 Diameter (303) Waiting for a new form die..356/9mm Diameter : TJ356100HP: 356 100 GR ROUND NOSE HP: 20.80: 100: TJ356150RN: 356 150 GR RND NOSE SOFT PT ... Grain Weight. 62 gr. Caliber.

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Woodleigh Bullets - Premium Bullets for All Game. Comprehensive 350+ page guide with loading data for American, European and British and Double Rifle cartridges, and the history of Woodleigh Bullets and Hydrostatically Stabilised bullets.
Buy Federal Fusion Ammo 223 Remington 62gr Bonded Bt Brownells And 20 Rounds Of Bulk 357 Mag Ammo By Federal 158gr Jhp You can order Federal Fusion Ammo 223 Rem Minus the 7.62x39, as you go up in caliber, to me, they became more for extended range use. I chose the AR, so for defense I use the 5.56x45 in a 62gr bonded soft point load.

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5.56mm Federal 62gr XM556SBCT3 Tactical Bonded soft point, aka FBIT3, aka Trophy Bonded Bear Claw (TBBC) fired from 10.5" ... 5.56mm Magtech 62gr fired from a 10.5" and 16" AR-15 into calibrated 10% ordnance gelatin to assess penetration and ...
PSP Bonded Muzzle Velocity 3,050 fps Muzzle Energy 1,136 ft./lbs Velocity at 100yds 2,586 fps Velocity at 200yds 2,131 fps Velocity at 300yds 1,742 fps Buy U.S. Now ... Remington HyperSonic 223 Rem 62gr Ultra Bonded Pointed Soft Point Ammunition 20rd. Edit this product.

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Is 180gr bonded soft point ammo ok to feed my 17? I've had a few soft point rds get caught against the feed ramp, causing and indent/flattening of the nose of the projectile. When this happens, the bolt won't lock into battery, and the magazine has to be removed and the cartridge removed.
Platinum Tip Hollow Point. 1. Pointed Soft Point (PSP) 32. Polymer Tip Solid Expansion (PTSE) 1. Polymer Tipped. 22. Positive Expanding Point (PEP) 1. Power Shok Soft Point. 1. Power-Core. 7. Power-Point. 42. Pro-Hunter. 1. Protected Hollow Point (PHP) 5. Rapid Controlled Expansion Polymer Tip. 14. Rapid Expansion Matrix Tip. 1. Round Nose. 1 ... About the Winchester Super-X .308 Winchester 180 Gr Power-Point Power Point assures quick and massive knock-down. Strategic notching provides consistent and reliable expansion. Contoured jacket maximum expansion performance. Alloyed lead core increases retained weight for deeper penetration. Description: Super-X Power-Point.308 Winchester Features:

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Oct 15, 2010 · Re: .223 on deer with 55 gr Hornady red tip bullets I like to see the blood coming out the nose and mouth. That means it was hit in the lungs, probably not the guts. I have killed thousands of rodents with Vmax bullets, but for deer, I use ballistic tip. It is similar construction, with a plastic tip on that aids expansion of a thin Copper jacket.
Jun 25, 2014 · I'm about to qualify with my AR as a patrol rifle, and our general orders says we're to carry "Remington 62 grain bonded soft point" ammo in our rifles. I can't find anything off the shelf with that exact name, but I have found some of that Hypersonic CoreLokt bonded soft point in 62gr.