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Recent Posts. nanoVNA – evaluation of a voltage balun 13/11/2020; what-exactly-happens-to-the-signals-hitting-a-common-mode-choke? 10/11/2020 Some pretty woolly thinking about the operation of common mode chokes in antenna systems 09/11/2020 Welcome to my personal webpage! My name is Andrei and I live in Lubny, central part of Ukraine. On this page I would like to say some words about my hobby, which is amateur radio.

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CCARES recommends that users who use WinLink® and APRS® use a general purpose TNC such as a Kantronics® KPC-3, TNC-X or PacComm Tiny-2. Optionally, a PC with a sound card based TNC (such as AGWPE®, SignaLink®, SoundModem®) can be used instead of a hardware TNC. This will allow users to switch between WinLink and APRS operation as needed.
Oct 27, 2016 · Buxcom, West Mountain Radio, Signalink, and even MFJ is getting into the market with their own audio device. I have tried the Buxcom, the West Mountain Radio (The M8, yeah.. a while ago!) as well at the Signalink. However! This post is about setting up digital communications with the FT-991/991a, with only a USB cable. No external device required. Oct 22, 2020 · DXsoftHAM radio software - Programs for amateur radio Our news 22 Oct 2020 HF Pager v2.90 was released. 14 Oct 2020 AprsGate v0.98 was published. 01 Oct 2020 HF Pager v2.88 was released

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R. G. Sparber KG7MQL August 11, 2020 Page 1 of 52 A Beginner's Guide to the Yaesu FT-60R/E Handy-Talkie, version 3.6 By R. G. Sparber KG7MQL
TNC Emulators for SignaLink soundcards and KISS TNCs (like TinyTrak4 and TNC-X): AGWPE will allow soundcards, like the SignaLink, to be used to interface a radio with a computer. AGWPE can be downloaded here. Setup Instructions for Virtual TNC with a SignaLink (Direwolf and AGW Packet Engine) DIREWOLF is a much more capable TNC Emulator than ... Oct 22, 2020 · DXsoftHAM radio software - Programs for amateur radio Our news 22 Oct 2020 HF Pager v2.90 was released. 14 Oct 2020 AprsGate v0.98 was published. 01 Oct 2020 HF Pager v2.88 was released

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ISS Packet communications requires a 5-100 watt 2 meter (or 440 MHz) FM xcvr. and an ordinary VHF/UHF antenna. The radio must be capable of operating digital packet internally, from a TNC, or with a computer running sound card and packet software.
The new SignaLink TM USB sound card - radio interface combines the legendary performance of our SL-1+ with a state of the art built-in low-noise USB Sound Card. This ground breaking innovation delivers optimum performance while eliminating the need to attach to your computer's existing sound card. KJ4MZI © 2020. All Rights Reserved. Powered by - Designed with the Hueman theme - Designed with the Hueman theme

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Aprs [email protected] #10870 . Has anyone setup a pi and direwolf with a interface other than. ... Signalink? Looking for help with a rigblaster plug and play. More.
INTERFACE :SIGNALINK USB Micro: MD-100 Kenwood TS-450SAT: Ant : G5RV 2 * 15.50m Micro: MC80 En V.H.F: KENWOOD TMV71 Ant : DIAMOND X50 SIGNALINK USB UNIDEN BCT 15X Ant 1 : Disconne Ant 2 : YAGI 3 Eléments (121.500 MHz) Ant 3 : METEOSAT (137 MHZ) EN D.M.R: TYT. MD9600 Ant: DIAMOND X50 TYT MD 380 Via Hotspot DVMega +BlueDV for Windows YAESU FT2D Aprs Signalink If u use a cheap USB sound card like mine you need a hardware PTT circuit or a USB serial cable and Hamlib for Transceiver control. The Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) payload on AMSAT-India’s AISAT-1 satellite is operational on 145.

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Dave KD8NJY; [email protected];Icom 718 HF All Band- a great inexpensive radio 655.95/425.00; LDG Electronics IT-100 Antenna Tuner 170/90; QJE 30 AMP Power Supply 90/45; Signalink USB Audio Card (jumpers for 718) 105/75; Black Cat USB/CL Interface NA/25 TOTAL 1020.95/660.00 I will sell AS A SYSTEM for only 600.
Mar 24, 2017 · Nostalgic Corner - My Heathkit HW-101 sitting on 80 meter, listening to a ragchew on 3699 kHz. Left the original PS-23 PSU. The mic here is a swedish Hi-Z Mymex. I also have the original Electro-Voice. the knobs on the SignaLink's face, your computer operating system's settings of the SignaLink sound card levels, the various settings of your transceiver that affect its interaction with the SignaLink, and some settings in fldigi itself. These settings interact with each other in various ways, and to some degree they are more art than science.

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Model: Software: Updated: TS-990S: Firmware Version 1.25 (Free) March 2020: Radio Control Program ARCP-990 Version 1.04 (Free) January 2019: Virtual COM Port Driver
Apr 18, 2016 · Setup of the SignaLink was pretty straightforward. Using the Allen wrench supplied, remove the front and back panels from the aluminum enclosure. Carefully align the jumper module and insert it. Reassemble the case. Connect a 6 pin mini-DIN to RJ45 cable from the SignaLink to the rig's DATA port.