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2) Nitration of toluene generates a mixture of products. The major products are those with substitution at the ortho and para positions. (This preference for o/p substitution makes the methyl group an ortho/para director). The product ratios imply that substitution at each position is not equally likely or energetically favorable. Organic Chemistry II Sample Exam 3 KEY You should also be able to name compounds, draw structures from names, and complete reactions given the reactants and conditions of the reaction. I. Multiple Choice (Circle the letter for the best answer) 1. Which compound would be most acidic? A) CH 3 CH 2 CH 3 B) CHCH 3 CH 2 C) Cyclohexane D) E) Benzene 2.

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Draw a structure of this product in the box below. (ii) (6 points) (2R,3S) and (2S,3S)-2-bromo-3-methylpentane react with sodium methoxide in methanol to produce different major products. Both products have the molecular formula C6H12, and they are diastere-omers of each other. In the empty boxes below, draw the major product for each reaction.
The products from substitution reactions of compounds having a reinforcing orientation of substituents are You should try to conceive a plausible reaction sequence for each. Once you have done so The fifth question asks you to draw the products of some aromatic substitution reactions.The second group (Chapters 7–9 and 12–18) covers the common organic reactions found in all texts. As each laboratory reaction is discussed, however, a biological example is also shown to make the material more interesting to students. As an example, trans fatty acids are described at the same time that catalytic hydrogenation is discussed ...

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Reactive intermediate. Type of organic substitution. Nucleophilic Aliphatic Electrophilic Aromatic. substitutions, each causing an inversion so that the net result is. retention of configuration. Several reaction mechanisms exist for organic reductions: · Direct electron transfer in Birch reduction...
Chemistry has four major areas of interest and many sub-specialties. 1. Organic Chemistry - The study of the element carbon and its compounds including living matter. 2. Inorganic chemistry - The study of all other elements of non-living matter. 3. Analytical chemistry - The study of " What is it?" or qualitative chemistry and "How much is there?" Consider the following substitution reaction, for example. The only apparent difference between the two mechanisms is the stereochemistry of the product. If the reaction proceeds through an S N 2 mechanism, it gives inversion of configuration conversion of an R starting material into an S product, or vice versa.

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Oct 26, 2006 · The main organic by-product will be CH3CH2COOH, i.e. propanoic acid. The ratio of acid to aldehyde will depend on the temperature of the reaction and the concentration of the oxidant: the more concentrated the oxidant is, the greater the ratio of acid to aldehyde.
22. In the Wittig reaction, a phosphorus ylide adds to a ketone or aldehyde to yield an alkene. Write the complete stepwise mechanism for the Wittig reaction shown below. Show all intermediate structures and all electron flow with arrows. ANS: Exhibit 21-5 Provide structure(s) for the starting material(s), reagent(s) or the major organic product(s) of each of the following reactions or sequences of reactions. Show all relevant stereochemistry. 30. ANS: 11 Carboxylic Acid Derivatives: Nucleophilic Acyl Substitution Reactions 31. ANS: 32. ANS: 33. ANS: 12 Chapter 21 34. ANS: 35 ...

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2) (16 points) Suggest a reaction mechanism for each of the following reactions that accounts for both products. Use clear arrow pushing and draw all intermediates, and resonance structures. Indicate the minor and major product. (a) ClH2O, acetone OH HCl OH + + reflux Cl O H H O H H O HH O H H-H -H OH HO major minor
anion (note step 2 just neutralizes charge). Using the following data for product A and B, along with your understanding of organic reactions, what are the structures of A and B? Br O 1. CH3 2. dilute H+,H 2O Product A + Product B + Br Product A: Degree of unsaturation = 1 Draw Product A Below 13C spectrum = 6 signals (one above 200 ppm) 5. Draw a curved arrow mechanism for each of the reactions shown below. Your mechanism must account for all product(s) shown. (Note: For some of these reactions, there may be other possible products that are not shown. You only need to explain the product(s) pictured in the scheme) (3x10 = 30 pt) geranyl pyrophosphate (GPP) OPP myrcene (a ...

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Page 6 Q10.!!!!!Organic!reaction!mechanisms!help!chemists!to!understand!howthe!reactions!of!organic!compounds!occur.! The!following!conversions!illustrate!anumber!of ...
Many organic reactions are redox. In problems where you have the reactants and products and are prompted to give the reagents you can recognize reductions and oxidations. For the problems where you have the reactant and conditions you can more easily recognize oxidizers and reducers. Page 6 Q10.!!!!!Organic!reaction!mechanisms!help!chemists!to!understand!howthe!reactions!of!organic!compounds!occur.! The!following!conversions!illustrate!anumber!of ...

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Below is a schematic diagram representing some reactions of ethene. The letters AD represent the Draw the structural formulas of the major organic products formed in the following reactions. (i). Chloroethene can be converted to ethanol in two steps. For each step deduce an overall equation for...
Thus, option 1 will be the major product of the reaction and option 2 will be the minor product. Alcohol elimination reactions using small 1 o alcohols can also be used to produce ethers. To produce an ether rather than the alkene, the temperature of the reaction must be reduced and the reaction must be done with excess alcohol in the reaction ...